How it Works / FAQ

Saving Thousands of Dollars on Your Next Vehicle Is As Easy as 1-2-3!

How do I sign up?

1st: Fill out the “Request Additional Information” form on the sidebar on the right, or Call us at 866-236-5031 to start the sign up process.

2nd: Return signed copy of the Terms and Conditions and a copy of the front and back of your driver’s license by email at

3rd– Make deposit of Minimum $650.00 or 10% of desired bid limit.
Payment methods:

  • By phone with credit card (3.5% fee)
  • Wire Transfer ($30.00 fee)
  • Cash (Direct deposit or in person)
  • Certified Check

4th– All vehicles on Copart will be available to you, but some circumstances will require additional information from us.
Those situations are: Location (FL, CO, WI) and Parts only/Non Repairable, Flood damaged and Bio-hazard damage.  We ask for 2 hours notice before an auctions starts to get your bid placed.

What is the $50.00 Copart Purchase Fee?

The $50.00 Copart Purchasing Fee went into effect on 8/1/2016. Copart charges us this fee for offering you the ability to purchase at a discounted rate. By using a broker, the fees that Copart charges are less.

Most people fall under Copart’s ‘C’ or ‘D’ schedules when bidding on their own. By bidding with us you are charged based of the ‘A’ schedule

As soon as we have all of this information we will do our best to help you win your vehicle!


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